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Air Handling Units

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Air handling Units
The range of units provide a versatile solution to air handling applications. All units come with any combination of LPHWcoils, DX or Chilled water Coils, electric heater batteries and panel/bag filters. Units are manufactured in 30mm extruded aluminium pentapost section complete with either single or double skinned galvanised panels. Access to serviceable components are via hinged doors fitted to customer specifications.

All coils and filter banks are mounted on slide bases to ease site fitting.
External units are powder coated and silicon sealed for weathering purposes.

Technical Specifications

Direct driven and belt drive DIDW forward curve centrifugal fans are manufactured to European standards in acordance with ISO 5801:2007 and are ERP 2015 Compliant. 

Belt drive fans are mounted on a common base which is inturn mounted on anti vibration mounts, the fan discharge opening has a flexible connector fitted to dissipate any noise carryover

LPHW Coils
All coils are manufactured from seamless copper tube with aluminium fins and housed in heavy gauge galvanised casing. The coils are tested under water to 2450kn/m2, and manufactured to BS5750 part1, ISO 9001 and EN29001.

All electric heaters and manufactured from galvanised sheet. Each element consist of a nickel chromium resistance wire spirally wound and insulated by compacted magnesium oxide powder fitted within a incoloy tube which is 8mm Dia and 321 AISI stainless steel. Each heater comes complete with a manual and auto thermostats for protection against overheating. For servicing purposes the heater can be withdrawn from AHU on the slides provided.

Panel and bag filters consist of a dry non-woven fabric media. They have an efficiency of 69% BS2831 to dust test No 2 with a filter classification of Eurovent 4/5 grade EU 4 or above.

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