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Grilles, Diffusers & Louvres

Big brands, or budget at low trade prices

Airdiffusion products
Air valves, supply, extract, metal, or plastic
Aluminium grilles, diffusers & louvres
Ceiling diffusers
Circular diffusers
Computer room floor grilles
Curved blade grilles
Domestic warm air grilles & registers
Double deflection grilles
Egg crate grilles
External weather louvres
Fixed blade grilles
Flush mounted grilles
Floor grilles
Four way blow diffusers
Grille boxes, metal, plastic, or pre-insulated
Grilles for spiral duct

Linear grilles
Non-vision grilles
Opposed blade dampers
Perforated face grilles
Perforated face diffusers
Pressed steel grilles
Single deflection grilles
Slot diffusers
Swirl diffusers
Waterloo products
Wall terminals
Weather louvres

Looking for a product not listed please contact us

Standard aluminium finish, or RAL9010 white. Special colours available

Order by neck size, width x height
please state if overall flange size is required

Independent choice of manufacturers, best price and availability 


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Harlow, Essex
CM20 2NQ

Phone: 01279 311467

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Grilles, Diffusers & Louvres